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LAMENZO Accounting and Consulting Services for Small Businesses and Individuals

After starting my professional career in 1968 with the City of Hartford (CT) Redevelopment Agency as a Housing Specialist and City Planner, in 1970 I set out on my own entrepreneurial path.

I created a full-service professional landscaping, grounds-keeping, and snowplowing business based in West Hartford, CT. I grew the company exponentially over a 25 year span to include not only residential clients, but some of Hartford's best known corporations.

In addition I also founded two non-profit 501(c)3 educational corporations.

I learned the principles of GAAP accounting from my Dad, an executive with the Hartford Insurance Group. It was John B. Lamenzo who advised me to 'always know where your assets are, period!'.

Early in the 1970's I not only created the General Ledgers for my operations, but soon was assisting other new entrepreneurs in doing the same. When computerized small business accounting became viable in the late '70's, I took to it like a fish to water. The rest is history. Over a period of 35 years I have consulted with many businesses in the area of operational accounting and strategic planning.

Succinctly, I specialize in small business entrepreneurial consulting and counseling; organizational management, accounting and finance; general ledger management; system conversions; purchasing; human resource management and training; marketing; and sales.

I have also served as the personal business coach to private individuals, sole proprietors, and independent contractors.

There is no accounting problem too daunting. If you need a seasoned professional at a reasonable rate, contact me. Let me do the grunt work.

I am based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Portsmouth Abbey School  '63
Portsmouth, RI

St. Michael's College, University of Toronto, BA '67
Toronto, ONT, CANADA