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Redtail Accounting Services, LLC

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Accounting and/or business management position (EXD, CFO, Controller, Finance Director, Business Manager, Accounting Manager, Staff Accountant, Financial / Budget Analyst) with a company, non-profit educational and / or religious institution, or government entity, where my business, non-profit and government and commercial accounting management, technical, analytical, interpersonal, and communications skills and history can make a significant contribution to the management team.


Portsmouth Abbey School, Portsmouth, RI; Univ. of St. Michael's College, University of Toronto, BA Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Accounting: General accounting procedures (GAAP, FASB, GASB34, 990); general ledger processing; accounts receivable; accounts payable; payroll; journal adjustments; inventory; sales and expenses reporting; reconstructions and company set-ups. Highly skilled in all aspects of business accounting and operations.

Business Manager: Managed all aspects of business management for qualified and selected entities, including all accounting duties.

Systems Development: Conversion of manual accounting systems to computerized systems using a variety of sophisticated accounting and database programs. Creation of detailed Charts of Accounts for numerous entities.

Financial Analysis and Budgeting: Operating budgets; capitalization and investment projections; monthly operating variance analysis and reporting; prior year comparison; forecasting; acquisitions investigation.

Supervision and Training: Supervised and trained clerical and professional staff in execution and completion of various accounting functions.

Treasury: Corporate cash management; credit and collection systems; debt/equity management, bank reconciliations.

Financial Statements: Monthly, Quarterly, and Year-End reconciled Income, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow reports.

Audit: Performed complete financial, operational, and fraud audits; excellent knowledge of internal controls and forensic accounting protocols. Extracted all reports from the GL as per CPA's itemization in the engagement letter.

Procurement: Supervised capital stock acquisitions through RFP procedures; instituted RFP procedures for all insurance, banking, finance, and vendor relationships.

Credit Management: Researched and approved credit limits for commercial and residential clients.

Sales: Excellent record in sales management, marketing, and customer service. Guided my company to $10M aggregate sales over a 25 year period, 1970 - 1995.

Human Resources: Responsible for qualifying individuals for technical and occupational positions within organizations. Excellent record in recruiting high-level management candidates for government and non-profit organizations. Proven ability to work as manager, administrator, trainer, or facilitator in socio-economically, ethnically, and culturally diverse environments.

Grants: Researched grants availability and prepared/wrote grants for private non-profits and churches.

Supervised application process.

Contract Management: Prepared and negotiated legally binding contracts for various business entities.

Payroll Administration: created and managed large payroll systems; produced and filed quarterly 941s, Year End W2s, W4s, and 1099s.

Reports and Correspondence: Demonstrated expertise in written and verbal presentations.

IT Administration: PC skills include accounting and finance, spreadsheets, databases, and word processing: MSWord, MS Excel, QuickBooks Pro, Premier & Enterprise Solutions, MYOB, Epicor/Vista, Sage Fund Accounting (MIP), ACT, Accpac, Sage MAS90, Peachtree, and many others; system networking and mapping.

Medical Billing: MDs, DC, DOM, LMT, Mental Health Practitioners; knowledgeable in on-line insurance billing protocols.

Government Agencies: Excellent relationship with the IRS and NMex Tax and Revenue Department; facilitated positive resolutions of tax issues, assured future compliance on the part of entities represented.


RedTail Accounting Services, LLC: Accounting and Business Management

  • Small business and entrepreneurial consulting
  • Organizational management
  • Accounting and finance
  • Budget analysis: government, commercial, and personal
  • General ledger management from company set-ups to reconstructions
  • System conversions
  • A/R, A/P, Payroll, Purchasing, Inventory tracking
  • Bank and Merchant Services reconciliations
  • Reconciled financial statements: Income, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow
  • Human resource management and training
  • Marketing and sales

Strategic planning to many small businesses, non-profit organizations, government entities Personal business coach to owners, individuals, sole proprietors, and independent contractors

Controller, Staff Accountant and Business Manager Positions:

  • Art Production and Gallery Enterprise: Santa Fe, NM
  • Meditation and Religious Organization: Santa Fe, NM
  • Property Management, HOA, and Hospitality Corporation: Santa Fe, NM
  • Church School: Espanola, NM
  • Jewelry Manufacturing and Retail Enterprise: Santa Fe, NM
  • Yoga Organization: Santa Fe, NM
  • Property Management and HOA: Santa Fe, NM
  • Many private individuals: Santa Fe, NM
  • Non Profit 501(c)3 Education Institute, Santa Fe, NM
  • CO Med/Rec Corp.: Colorado Springs, CO, Interim CFO

(Signed confidentiality agreements are legally binding with all of the above entities. Please refer to the attached professional references and letters).

Scope of Services Provided:

In the business scenarios referenced above, I was contracted to perform all the duties of a CFO/Controller/Business Manager. My responsibilities were deep and wide from a business administration perspective. Execution of said duties and responsibilities followed my standard modus operandi:

  • Review and analyze the company accounting ledgers for GAAP adherence and compliance
  • Audit the customer, vendor and employee database files
  • Review most recent bank and merchant services reconciliations
  • Review most recent financial statements: P & L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow
  • Establish protocols and procedures that optimize the accounting software
  • Reconstruct the entire Chart of Accounts where necessary to bring more clarity to pivotal financial operations and reporting
  • Create operating budgets for all entities for operations, modeling and forecasting accessibility
  • Review company Federal and State tax filing obligations and history, specifically 941s, W2s, 1099s, CRS-1, Workers Comp, and Unemployment Insurance
  • Work directly with government agencies to correct deficiencies from prior years
  • Review company health insurance plan
  • Review all information technology applications, and upgrade if necessary
  • Consult with senior banking officers for resolution of any outstanding deficiencies
  • Meet with bookkeeping staff if applicable to review required standards of performance and my expectations; train staff if necessary
  • Review all existing accounting functions for any fraud or embezzlement
  • Prepare and present all required data for the annual CPA audit, as requested in engagement letter.


My goal is always to achieve a high level of accounting transparency: specifically, timely bank reconciliations, financial statements, and adherence to budget goals. I am not at peace if I do not meet my goals. In the above referenced scenarios I was able to identify seriously flawed accounting practices and/or outright fraud. In one instance, if I had not discovered the embezzlement, the company would have been functionally bankrupt within two months. I know what needs to be done to operate a successful business or a governmental agency.

My motto: "I will manage your numbers...the correct way".